Catch Phrase is a fast paced, nerve-wracking game that is one of the most contagious games around. It is a blend of clue deduction and a race against the clock played by two teams of two or more players with each team alternating turns.

To play,
you start the timer and then your team has to guess what word or phrase is visible on the screen before the timer runs out. If a team's guess matches the response on the game's readout, you pass the unit to the other team.

For example, if the word was "pumpkin," you could say something along the lines of, "Peter-Peter-blank-eater!". Your team members then try to guess that the word in place of "blank" is "pumpkin."

When the timer runs out a buzzer sounds (after about a minute). If your team is stuck holding the unit when the buzzer sounds then the other team will score a point.

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This game is especially fun to play with a lot of people so is perfect for parties or taking on vacation.

TMX (Tickle Me Extreme) Elmo

The TMX Elmo was voted best toy at the American International Toy Fair 2007 and for good reason as this toy will make you laugh till you cry.

Elmo has three interactive tickle spots on his chin, tummy or toe. When you first tickle Elmo, he slaps his knee and sits on the floor, laughing hysterically! Then he rocks himself back up and asks for more. Tickle him again, and he falls to the ground, kicks his feet and scoots across the floor on his back! After standing back up, Elmo asks for another tickle and does it all over again, slapping his knee, sitting down, rolling on his back. He even rolls on his belly and slaps the floor!

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This toy is so funny your sides will split and your belly will ache as you watch Elmo crack up with laughter! Ever had a friend start laughing and then you start laughing and then you find you are both laughing histerically. This is what this toy will do to you. Great toy!

Smart Globe - global quiz game

The Smart Globe was voted Educational Toy of the Year at the American International Toy Fair 2007 and was a clear favourite with children.

The Smart Globe has 30 games and activities including quiz games about countries, capitals, major cities, populations, languages, currencies, time, distances, history, science and current events. Also includes flags from around the world with corresponding national anthems.

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This toy will last for years!
Even with the world constantly changing the globe will not become outdated because you can simply connect it up to your computer and download all the latest information which is maintained with weekly Web updates. n.b: SmartGlobe is for PC use only and is not Mac-compatible.

The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe 2.0 is for ages 5 and up and is configurable for different ages by downloading age-appropriate content for three different age groups (Ages: 5-8, 9-14 or 15 years and older)

You can even take the Globe on the road, as it works with headphones.

FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony

This pony was voted Girl Toy of the Year for girls of any age, at the American International Toy Fair 2007.

Every girl dreams of having her very own pony! Now they can with this incredibly lifelike pony which stands over three feet tall and has realistic animation, movement and sounds.

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If you touch or talk to your pony she “comes alive”. Watch her head move, her ears wiggle, and her eyes blink as you interact with the pony. Watch her tail swish back and forth as you 'feed' and groom your pony. She even whinnies, snorts, and sniffs your hand!

Sit on your pony for a pretend ride and she makes walking sounds! (maximum weight limit is 80 lbs./36kg)

Caution: The pony comes unassembled in a box with the head detached. Do not open the box around your children if they may be frightened by a box with a decapitated horse inside

Zooreka - the zoo building board game

This game was voted best game of the year, including board, CD-ROM, electronic and card game formats at the American International Toy Fair 2007.

In Zooreka you race to build your ultimate zoo in time for Opening Day!

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As you move around the board you need to trade food, animals, and shelter with other players to build four habitats for your zoo.

On your way you can encounter unexpected events and fun surprises, like a zookeeper forgetting to order your panda food, and gorillas having babies!

Every turn keeps each player thinking and planning their way to be the first player to complete a zoo and celebrate their Opening Day!